The Woodland - all yours for the length of your stay

This beautiful British broadleaved woodland is home to oak, ash & chestnut. The bluebells are breathtaking in May and there are plenty of woodland animals and birds to keep you company!

Your chance to truly get off the grid and really relax

This family business is run with sustainable woodland management at its heart, which means we coppice chestnut mainly to build things like fences and furniture.  The fence around the deck is all made from chestnut as is the bed in the Orchard Wagon.

We are also passionate about wildlife - you might see badgers, deer, foxes, owls, woodpeckers, song birds, as well as lots of bugs, beetles and butterflies.


Experience life in a beautiful, wild woodland

There really is so much to explore and discover in our woodland. If you're keen on photography or a bit of an artist why not send us some of your works of art, inspired by the nature all around you during your stay, and we'll feature them on our Facebook page or in the Gallery.

But best of all - the woodland is all yours for the length of your stay!

Visit the Gallery page for more images of The Woodland

How To Find Us

"The wood life really is a fairytale place. It's perfect in every way"